As the door of tourism begins to creak open and we once again think about travelling, sightseeing as we know it will have definitely changed the next time we’re on holiday, or take a day trip! So, what can we expect to see?

Self Guided Walking Tours

Self-guided sightseeing is on the rise, that’s for sure! Using a city guide on your own mobile phone is becoming a growing trend, and can even be used prior to arriving in your destination to help plan your itinerary.

When you arrive, you can take full advantage of features such as audio commentary, so you can learn all about iconic landmarks as you explore, or navigate yourself to an area that you’re eager to discover. Let’s say you’re in Amsterdam, you could tune into fascinating storytelling as you travel along the canals, or get handy directions to major attractions including the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum!

Dependent on the self-guided tour you’re taking, you could even enjoy other perks including Wi-Fi stations and photo hotspots – helping you to get your Instagram game back on track after a year of lockdowns!

With post-covid travel in mind, self-guided sightseeing tours are a great way to enjoy a sightseeing adventure with flexibility and total peace of mind.

Using Digital Technology with Groups

Another growing trend, ready to fulfil your sightseeing needs, is the use of clever tour guiding systems! There’s plenty of us that love to be escorted around a new city by a local expert or tour guide – but how can we be sure their audio devices are safe and sanitised?!

The solution is simple – use your own mobile phone! Some travel companies are ahead of the game, and can offer intelligent software to their guests so you can tune into your live guide commentary through your own device. With no need to worry about the spread of germs or compromising social distancing, it’s the solution you’ve been looking for!

If you’re taking a Vox City Walks tour, you’ll take full advantage of this state-of-the-art technology as you enjoy guided daytime and evening circuits in the world’s most influential cities!

Virtual Reality Tours

Maybe you’re not quite ready to venture abroad yet, but you’re eager to explore a new destination or attraction.

Virtual reality tours are a great alternative if you want to spark your wanderlust from the comfort of your own home. Admire famous landmarks and monuments, or discover the interiors of some of the world’s most famous galleries and museums. Immerse yourself in a virtual world of discovery and keep yourself entertained until you’re ready to venture to your next destination!

These are just a few of our favourite ways that sightseeing continues to go digital – and there ready and waiting for you!

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