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Our Story

City Walks Malta is a partner of the global operator Vox City Walks, providing a unique, flexible, and personal sightseeing adventure that offers you a new way to explore a city at your pace with the innovative self-guided walking tours. You will have unlimited access to 5 self-guided walks, the commentary of which will be available in English, Italian, French, Spanish & German. Thanks to our innovative technology you can explore the fascinating city of Valletta, at your pace, in your time, anytime.

Our Mission

Continuously striving for sustainability City Walks Malta was created with the goal of enabling travellers to enjoy unique and unforgettable sightseeing experiences, while simultaneously treading lightly. Our self-guided tours are a genuine step towards sustainable tourism. They are very eco-friendly, causing no vehicle pollution or paper waste, and have no need for additional electronic devices or plastics manufacture. Carefully planned pedestrian routes off the beaten track, better connect travellers with local life and help reduce the effects of overtourism. What’s more, walking is an enjoyable and healthy activity! It is a winning formula!

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